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DIY Floral and Greenery Backdrop

DIY Floral and Greenery Backdrop

This DIY floral and greenery backdrop really dresses up any display! It is so simple to create and all the supplies are from Michael's, making shopping easy and affordable. You'll need:

(1) Cork board (or any other portable surface you wish to use) / (2) Rose and Dahlia bundles / (4) Green hydrangea stems / (1) Yellow Forsythia bunch / (2) Pink spray rose bunches / (3) packages of adhesive moss / (1) cutters / (1) Mini hot glue gun / (1) package of mini hot glue gun sticks / (Optional) Paint and brush (I painted the wood border of the cork board gold). See product photos and links below.

Tip: Buy more flowers than you need and return what you don't use - saves you a trip to the store. Spring and summer florals are 40% off right now!

The Supplies

Cork Board | Cream & Blush Rose & Dahlia Stem Bundle | Green Hydrangea Stem | Spray Roses | Yellow Forsythia | Peel and Stick Moss Mat | Mini Hot Glue Gun | Mini Glue Sticks | Wire Cutters

The Steps

Step 1 (Optional): Paint the rim of the board in a color of your choosing. I chose gold metallic paint from the Martha Stewart line at Michaels. Put some newspaper under your board and paint using a medium size brush (I used this simple foam brush from Michaels). I didn't prep the wood at all or tape the insides of the board with painters tape because the board will be covered by the moss! So you don't have to be too careful with your paint job.

Step 2: Remove the liner from the peel and stick moss to reveal the adhesive bottom. Line the edges up with the inside edges of the board and press to adhere the moss to the board. You'll need 3 packages of the moss and you'll have to cut the square in the third package into strips to fill the gaps. There are lines on the liner for easy, straight cutting. The moss has great volume and hides the lines between your pieces. 

Step 3: Cut the stems off of your faux flowers with the wire cutters and save the heads and the leaves. DO NOT discard the leaves! The wire cutters are a must for this project as the faux flower stems are constructed with metal wire.  Regular scissors will NOT do the trick, trust me. Michaels has tons of wire cutter options in the store. 

Step 4: Arrange your flowers on the board WITHOUT glue first. This way, you can easily move them around without making a mess or disrupting the moss. I moved my flowers around a bunch of times until I got it just right. While you are doing this, plug in your hot glue gun to heat it up.

Step 5: Leave the flowers on the board in the desired arrangement (which is anything you want). Start with the largest flowers and work your way to smallest. Do the leaves and any accent stems last. Lift each piece gently and dab on some hot glue, then press down firmly and hold for a few seconds. Make sure there isn't glue on your fingers, otherwise you'll pull the flower up with your hand! I learned the hard way.  Once you are done, let everything sit for a little while. Thirty minutes sounds about right. 

Step 6: Hold the board upright to see if anything falls off. If it does, add some extra glue. Let sit. 

Now go use your backdrop! You can hang it to the wall (the corkboard comes with hanging set) or set it on a surface. 

My Finished Product


How I've Used my Backdrop

So far, I've used the backdrop for my Master's party dessert bar and to dress up my actual bar. I've flipped it horizontally and vertically depending on the size of my display. I'll probably incorporate the backdrop into my decor for Mother's Day. Stay tuned! Please drop me a note if you take on this DIY project, I would love to see what you create! 

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