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How to Assemble a Pretty and Affordable Cheese Platter

How to Assemble a Pretty and Affordable Cheese Platter

One of the harshest realities of adulthood is discovering that cheese is expensive - I'm still coping! Another reality - the cheese board is undeniably one of the easiest and most crowd pleasing appetizers to serve at a party. So how do you reconcile? With these tips and tricks for creating a beautiful cheeseboard without spending a ton!

Tip #1: Select 3 Types of Cheese and Check the Cost per Ounce

Select a soft cheese (like a brie or camembert) a semi-soft cheese (like gruyere, cheddar, or manchego) and a hard cheese (such as grana padano). 

Trick:  A variety of sizes look best on the board. All the better, this helps keep the cost down! The smallest piece of cheese should be your most expensive cheese, the largest your least expensive.

When deciding on a cheese within each category, select the cheese that is the least expensive per ounce. No serious math here - just check each label for the weight and the price and you'll easily notice that you get more fromage for your money with some rather than others.  

Tip #2: Skip the Crackers, Buy a Baguette

A baguette costs less than $2. Cut thin slices and toast to make crostini! Added bonus -  they add volume to the board, allowing you fill your board with less of the expensive stuff.

Tip #3: Use Fresh Fruit to Add Volume 

Gaps on a cheese board don't look great. A bunch of grapes, on the other hand, do. They're easy for snacking and take up a good amount of space on the board. 

Trick: Use fresh fruits (sliced figs are my personal fave - Bosch pears and pomegranates are other great options) and fresh herbs (like rosemary, sage, or thyme) to fill in gaps and add detail to your board.


Tip #4: Avoid Nut Mixes, Buy Raw Bulk

Raw nuts from the bulk section are much more affordable than the mixes. Buy raw and make your own spiced nuts.  I really like this (healthy) 1-Pan Spiced Candied Nuts Recipe from the Minimalist Baker. If you're not the person who regularly has coconut oil and coconut sugar in your pantry, there are so many other great recipes out there - find a recipe online that suits what you already have in stock. 

Trick: Avoid pre-packaged mixes of anything if you can avoid it! For example - olives (a cheese board staple) are much cheaper from the olive bar (if your store has one), salad bar, or deli counter. Plus, you're able to buy exactly how much you need, eliminating waste. 

Tip #5: Tear it {your prosciutto} Up!

To buy less, and get more out of, your prosciutto - tear (or cut) it into thirds and fold on the board. This also makes it easier to eat. 

Trick: Buy uncut salami - it tends to be cheaper than pre cut. Just cut it yourself! 


Tip # 6: Save your Preserves Jars and Repurpose

One of my all time favorite spreads is Dalmatia Fig Spread - it goes so well with almost any cheese (in my opinion) and (if you have leftovers) it's amazinggggggg in a brie, prosciutto, arugula, and green apple panini. When I finish a jar, I clean it out and use it for honey or preserves that come in larger or less attractive jars/bottles. PS. Wildflower honey and saffron honey (more savory sweet) are both great with cheese. 


Wines to Serve with Your Cheese Board Under $25

1. Reserve Durand Sancerre 2017 - $24.97 

2. Domaine Du Columbier Petit Chablis 2017 - $14.34 (Club Price at Safeway)

3. Guilhem Bascou Picpoul De Pinet 2017 - $9 (at Whole Foods Market)

4. Whispering Angel 2017 Cotes de Provence - $19.99 (Club Price at Safeway)

5. Bernard Magrez Bleu de Mer Rose 2017 - $11.99. How pretty is the label?

bleu de mer.jpg

Now go throw a vin et fromage soiree stat! 

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