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Chic Masters Golf Party

Chic Masters Golf Party

I opted to use shades of green, pops of yellow, tons of faux and fresh flowers, and a select few subtle golf pieces to convey the Masters Tournament party theme. Subtle is key to keep the party chic and adult and to avoid turning it into a kid's golf-themed birthday party. 

The Dessert Bar


The cupcakes and macarons are the focal points of this dessert bar. I bought a dozen cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake and requested that they come without decoration. I added slices of fresh peach, mint, and pecan halves to bring a little bit of Georgia to the party - a subtle way of playing on the Masters theme. Tip: when you burn through your nice candles, rinse the inside of the candle with warm water to remove the remaining wax and wick. Wipe clean and use as a vase or a jar for your make up brushes!


I mixed in shades of green rather than using just the Masters green for a softer effect. The pistachio macarons from Olivia Macaron are such a pretty pastel green and SO delicious. They are also practical party desserts because they are bite (or two) size. The cupcakes are a bit more of a commitment when you're mingling and chatting (never stops me, though). 


I added the jars of white candies to balance out the display. Use any white candy - I used pearl white coated candy balls from Amazon and yogurt pretzels from the grocery store. Pretzels are great because they take up space so you can buy less! Gum balls are also a good choice. The small candy jar is from Target and the large jar is from Home Goods - both under $10. 


Fresh flowers are always my favorite part of decorating / entertaining. These fringed tulips are new spring favorites - I bought them at an adorable local flower shop called English Rose Garden. Mix and match white vessels for a clean and classic look - they don't need to be traditional vases. I used a $5.99 white pitcher from Home Goods to add some Southern garden charm to the display. I bought the hydrangeas at Safeway for $6.99 per bunch! They are a no fail classic.


I am an absolute sucker for chic coffee table books - and I love to decorate with them. This coffee table book called the Stylish Life: Golf (from Amazon) was perfect for the party. Last but not least, the backdrop for this dessert bar was a simple DIY project  - check out the post to learn more!

The Cocktails


To keep with the Southern / Masters theme, I used mason jars for the cocktails and garnished with fresh mint and peach slices and a yellow sugared rim. To make this simple drink, just mix half lemon San Pellegrino with half lemon La Croix (to cut the sugar and the hangover). I served sweet tea vodka on the side to give guests the option to enjoy an alcohol free drink or an alcoholic one - a Master's appropriate John Daly! 

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Bar Cart Roundup

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